Genuine connections beyond small talk.

A platform that empowers friends and family to find you trustworthy connections in a private and secure way.

Create a Private Profile
Swiper, no swiping!

With increased privacy, your profile is only available to those it’s shared with.

Safety first

Find security in connections curated by your closest allies.

Date with integrity

Thoughtful connections with accountability and communal support baked in.


Let’s face it, your family and friends are already playing matchmaker (or they’re itching to), so why not empower them with the information they need to match you with singles that reflect what you are actually looking for? Give your “bad picker” a rest and let your closest allies use their intimate knowledge of you along with your private profile and ideal match criteria to introduce you to singles they know and trust.

6DGRS aims to facilitate healthier connections that are grounded in the community and be a foundational tool for happy, healthy couples and growing families around the world.

3 simple steps

Create a private dating profile with ideal match criteria.
Share with family and friends that want to match you with like-minded singles.
Receive vetted, trustworthy connections sourced by the people that know you best.


Is my 6DGRS profile really private?
Does my friend or family aka “matchmaker” need to create a profile or download the app?
What if I don’t have any friends or family members I trust to be a matchmaker and find connections for me?
Does the person I am being connected with have to create an account?
Want to learn more or have additional questions?